Burglar invades Soun’s Palace, knocks out Palace’s Chief teeth

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A suspected burglar has invaded the Palace of Soun of Ogbomosoland with the alleged motive of stealing some valuables in the palace.

Palace source told Vanguard that the burglar, who was suspected to have invaded there under the influence of hard drugs or mentally disorder, allegedly descended heavily on one of the Palace Chiefs, The Aremole of Ogbomosoland, Chief Sheu Ayinla.

Investigations further revealed that two teeth of Chief Ayinla were knocked out while struggling to escape from the intruder.

One of the eyewitnesses, who did not want her name in print, said the burglar was shouting, “I want to become the new monarch. I would get installed as the new Soun of Ogbomosoland very soon.”

Another credible palace source said: “The man was shouting I must sit on that throne today. I am your next Oba, you have no Oba, I am your new Oba. Where is the crown? He broke the glass to the palace with blows but the iron bars prevented him from gaining access, he then tried a back door, the same thing also happened.”

Confirming the invasion, the victim, Chief Ayinla, whose two teeth were knocked out, said he had an obligation to visit the palace everyday to see things are in order.

“So, I was in the palace and just called a food vendor to buy food when I saw the man ramping up towards the palace court. I demanded what he wanted but he muttered under his breath. I stood up leaving my meal. That was when he made advance towards me. I should have escaped but I fell down. He pinned me down and started punching me right on face. In the process, I lost two teeth.”

In his reactions, the palace Secretary, Mr. Toyin Ajamu, said there was no crown to steal at the palace.

“To put the record straight, there was no crown at the palace as the seat of Soun of Ogbomosoland is presently vacant with no crown and nothing whatsoever is being stolen except that he destroyed main entrance, aluminum sliding doors and exit door leading to Soun Administrative office from the palace.

“Members of the public are, hereby, advised to ignore the rumors peddling around that he was at the palace to steal crown or any property and those circulating such news should desist from doing so.” He added.

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